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Toyota AE86 in Forza Horizon 4

By Marek Tkocz | 3 February 2020

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Toyota AE86 is a legend among Japanese cars. Its worldwide publicity is due to the filming of the cult animated series Initial D. Toyota Trueno will be available in Forza Horizon 4 with the arrival of the next spring season, which will start on 02/06/2020.

Master of mountain serpentine

Toyota Corolla AE86 debuted on the Japanese market in 1983. And although the car was not designed with racing in mind, fast driving fans saw the hidden potential of the good Corolla. Lightweight, agile and above all cheap construction, which is susceptible to modifications, won the hearts of drifters. The naturally aspirated 1.6-liter 4A-GEU unit generates 130 horsepower, but it’s not difficult to get more power by tuning. Thanks to the low weight (970kg), the car is ideal for overcoming narrow mountain roads.

Toyota Forza Corolla Scaled 4GEEK.CO
Toyota AE86 in the game Forza Motorsport – wallpaperplay.com

How to get AE86 in Forza

If you want to unlock Toyota Trueno you must win a competition called “IS IT SUPRA ?!”. They will be available in the spring season, which will start on 06/02/2020. You will have 7 days to get the car – the entire spring season. The condition of participation in the race will be You must own a Toyota Supra. After completing the competition, AE86 will be added to your collection.

Forza Motorsport AE86 IS IT SUPRA - 4GEEK.CO
Spring season competitions – 4GEEK.CO Archive

The phenomenon of Toyota Trueno

The AE86 legend began after the publication of the Initial D manga volumes in 1995. The comic tells about the adventures of Takumi Fujiwar, who helped his father at work by delivering tofu to the store every morning. Day after day, he covered a winding mountain route, which resulted in the acquisition of impressive skills behind the wheel of the family Toyota Trueno. On the same route, illegal races took place at night. Takumi turned out to be the most outstanding driver, beating opponents who had much faster cars. The news spread immediately and so from the supplier, tofu became the night racing driver behind the wheel of his father’s Toyota AE86. Takumi’s story stimulated the imagination of young dreamers and sold well on the market. Based on the manga an adaptation of the anime was made, which has 5 seasons, as well as 5 computer games and 10 arcade games from the Initial D series.

Toytora Tureno Takumi Inital D AE86 - 4GEEK.CO
Toytora Tureno Takumi Inital D AE86 – 4GEEK.CO

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