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Nvidia GeForce RTX in the CyberPunk 2077 limited edition

By Leszek Pomian | 17 February 2020

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On the occasion of the premieres of large games, we may encounter limited editions of a variety of equipment. Similarly, in the case of CyberPunk 2077, which will most likely receive its version of the GeForce RTX card from Nvidia.

The superior of the game’s premiere from the Polish studio CD Projekt RED brings more and more benefits. First, the developers reported that while they were optimizing the game for older consoles, they would create completely new side missions. Now we find out that with the game there will be a special version of the graphics card from Nvidia (and possibly the PC case from the company NZXT, which pinned to the thread on Twitter).

Is there anything to wait for?

The coincidence of RTX 2070 and CyberPunk 2077 names is quite obvious. And although the special version could look nice from behind the glass window, the prices of graphics cards still remain prohibitive for the vast majority of players. At the time of writing this article, the most powerful version of RTX cards costs 1300 USD. RTX 2070 is an expense of 530 USD.

What’s more, the price-quality ratio is still questionable, because the most powerful card of the previous generation, i.e. the GTX 1080 Ti, is still a monster that almost catches the several hundred more expensive newer units. The exception here is Ray-Tracing technology, which is true – works much better on the latest cards, but still suffers from childhood disease and shows a claw in few places.

Twitter causerie

The noise of information about the delay of the title has already subsided. Players are slowly beginning to forget about their anger, but also about the game itself – that’s why they should be reminded. On February 16, six months before the game’s premiere, CD Projekt resonate on social media with Nvidia’s gentle poke about the limited edition of the card.

A moment later, Nvidia replied with a comment that included a stained graphics of GeForce RTX card with yellow color accents, reflecting the colors visible in the logo and other graphics from the game.

Hype again

Nvidia is not often tempted to collaborate. Limited card editions appeared for games like Duke Nukem Forever or Assasin’s Creed Origins. However, in both cases they were versions prepared by external companies such as EVGA or Asus. Here we see the Founders Edition – directly from the Nvidia factory.

Collector’s editions of the game are no longer available in the Polish distribution (apart from creative sellers on auction sites), and still many players want various gadgets related to CyberPunk 2077. A special card may prove to be a more useful souvenir than a dusting figure on the shelf. Complete with a dedicated PC case, it will certainly please the eye of a Polish studio fan.


A few hours later in all social media appeared renders of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti card in the CyberPunk 2077 edition. By the way, in many countries around the world a competition was announced in which two friends can win a stylized unit.

The sad news for many may be the fact that according to the entry on the official game profile – the cards will not be able to buy, but there will be many opportunities to get it. The official Nvidia website says that only 200 were created. One disappointed user expressed his sadness in a comment on Twitter, which then be commented by the CyberPunk 2077 profile – This one is just the beginning ;). So we can expect cheaper RTX units in a special edition.

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